Materiales de Construcción Barcelona Hospitalet Isolana

  • Despite the pandemic, the company has continued exporting its products to build clinics and hospitals in African markets such as Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast, among others, which concentrate most of its international business
  • In order to expand into the African market, Isolana has been supported by ACCIÓ through its Trade and Investment Foreign Office in Ghana
  • Founded in the year 1939, the corporation currently has a global staff of almost 300 workers and a 110 million euro turnover, mainly in products with sustainability certifications and linked to the circular economy

Barcelona, 04 mar 2021.- The Catalan company Isolana (l’Hospitalet de Llobregat) has intensified its business ties with Africa by exporting materials worth 1,5 million euro to build infrastructures in the health sector, such as hospitals, labs and clinics in 2020, despite the covid-19 pandemic. Isolana is specialized in the distribution of sustainable products for the construction sector, working mainly in North African and Central African countries, such as Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

In order to access the African market, Isolana has been supported by ACCIÓ- the Agency of Business Competitiveness, under the authority of the Catalan Government’s Business and Knowledge Department- through the Trade and Investment Foreign Office in Ghana.

Isolana exports to Africa most of its international business. According to the Export Manager of the Catalan company, Laia Hayani, “Isolana exports only 2% of its volume due to the specificities of its business and its products. Given that we are providers of materials made by other companies, our access to European markets, for example, which have their own distribution channels, is very limited.” According to Hayani, “Africa offers an array of possibilities because it does not count with a well established sector and it values our proposition of quality products tailored to their needs, as well as a centralized delivery service which adapts to their business culture, which is very different from the European one.”

The company began exporting to the African market in 2012 and has maintained its turnover, in spite of the limitations caused by the pandemic in 2020. “The difficulties to travel this year have hindered international businesses for many companies, but we were working remotely already before covid-19: we have even closed deals through Whatsapp”, states Hayani. The boost for infrastructures in the African continent in several sectors such as health has allowed the Catalan company to provide all sorts of construction materials, also for other areas such as the hospitality sector, housing or industry. Isolana works specifically to bolster circular economy through sustainable construction, respectful of the environment and focused on energy efficiency and net zero consumption buildings.

Headquartered in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Isolana employs a global staff of almost 300 workers and is part of a bigger holding corporation. It closed year 2019 with a turnover of 110 million and works essentially in the Spanish market, where it has around thirty warehouses. Founded in 1939, it is specialized in the distribution of products for the professional building and renovation sector.