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Distributors of laminated plasterboard. Interior compartmentalization systems have recently undergone a total renovation. The traditional systems based on ceramic bricks of small dimensions and high weight, are being replaced by the well-known laminated plasterboard systems.

ISOLANA, a leading and innovative company in this field, will provide you with a wide range of possibilities and the most extensive range of products for partition wall, laminated plasterboard systems. Consult our technical-commercial department, who will advise you on all solutions, performances and assembly systems; and they will provide you with quotes with the most competitive price of laminated plasterboard, all the profiles and all the accessories that make up the PYL system.

  • White standard laminated plasterboard in different formats and dimensions
  • Fireblasted plasterboard
  • Anti-humidity laminated plasterboard
  • Laminated plasterboard for facades
  • Ultra-acoustic laminated plasterboard
  • Profiles for laminated plasterboard
  • All mounting accessories

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International shipping to major African countries: Maroc, L’Algérie, Tunisie, Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Bénin, Cameroun, Reunion.

We work with the main suppliers of partition wall laminated plasterboard systems.

Buying laminated plasterboard in Isolana is easy and fast. You can choose between the best brands on the market. Thousands of customers have already trusted our services.

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